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Established in 2018, Coco Coalition, lovingly called Coco, is a social enterprise dedicated to curating holistic, safe, and empowering opportunities for women of the African Diaspora to connect, grow and thrive. As a social enterprise, Coco focuses on creating opportunities for Black women and sowing in the well-being of black teen girls by supporting projects that remove barriers to a healthy and secure future. Coco Coalition currently serves the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington DC areas. Coco’s mission is to address emotional, mental, and social health by creating experiences for women of the African Diaspora and to mobilize a new generation of empowered black girls. We aspire to create a world where black women and girls are connected, grow, and thrive. We proudly funnel our mission through three core initiatives: Mental health, feminine health, and education. Our mental health efforts are captured through community events such as the Black & Beautiful Women’s Brunch and the Coco Coalition Conference. Our feminine health efforts are expressed by supplying severely under-resourced schools in Africa with feminine care products. Lastly, our education efforts are completed through our Coco Scholarships for college students.